How to Achieve Streak Free Windows

If you’ve ever tried to clean windows yourself then you will know that it can be harder than you might think. While it shouldn’t be a huge challenge there are many blemishes and marks that will end up on the window regardless of your attempts to do a thorough job and in worst case scenarios it can end up looking worse than it did before. If you want to have the window cleaned to the very best level then it is important to use a professional service advices owner of Window Cleaners Winnipeg. The main problem that can occur when you are trying to clean your windows is streaks.

This is something that is a real problem as it often looks like you have something sticky running down the surface of your glass and this then looks worse usually than the dirt that was there before. Perhaps you have one or two marks on your window, but if the product you use ends up leaving large ugly streaks down your glass then this is going to cover a far larger proportion of the glass. This then means that the glass looks really dirty, but at the same time it means that not as much light gets in as should and that in turn is a problem because it will make your rooms feel smaller and dirtier. Furthermore your windows are the only part of your property that you see from both inside and out. That then means that if you clean your windows in such a way that leaves streaks that you not only damage the way your window looks for people walking past, but also for yourself inside the property – it really will damage the look of your home. This is why it’s important to think about the streaks. But what causes these in the first place?

The answer is surprisingly often the water and this occurs because water leaves what is known as a water mark. The very thing you’ve used to clean it then leaves streaks. Other things can cause the problem too though, such as using the wrong cleaning product that is not designed for windows, or such as having too much of the product and not enough of the water. If the product was a soapy one then, this would mean that you were leaving a mess on the glass that would look unattractive and that would also be sticky thus collecting dust and other debris to look even worse. Finally sometimes the streakiness can be caused by the cloth being used if it is not completely dry or if it is shedding fur. A professional service will clean your windows in such a way that it doesn’t leave streaks. After all that is their job and they have all the right tools and experience to do so. If you want to try and do it yourself though there are a few tips to consider. The first is to make sure that you use the very best product to begin with and that you read and follow the instructions to the letter. Then leave the product to soak before wiping it off in an arching movement, and then wipe with water and finally a dry (clean) cloth.